12th annual workshop on the intersection of HCI and PL
@ Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA USA Tuesday November 9, 2021

Please check back for program details after submission decisions have been sent out!

Important Dates
September 14, 2021 (AoE time)
Paper Submission
Tuesday November 9, 2021
Jonathan Aldrich
Carnegie Mellon University
Craig Anslow
Victoria University of Wellington
Titus Barik
Ravi Chugh
University of Chicago
Michael Coblenz
University of Maryland
Mark Guzdial
University of Michigan
Björn Hartmann
University of California, Berkeley
Andrew Head
University of Pennsylvania
Thomas LaToza
George Mason University
Brad Myers
Carnegie Mellon University
Greg Nelson
University of Washington
Stephen Oney
University of Michigan
Nadia Polikarpova
University of California, San Diego
Andreas Stefik
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Organizing Committee
Sarah E. Chasins
University of California, Berkeley
Elena Glassman
Harvard University
Joshua Sunshine
Carnegie Mellon University